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Customize your social media strategy to fit your book's unique personality and audience. We create content that resonates with your readers and amplifies your voice.


We respect your privacy in every aspect of our service. Your plans and content are treated with the utmost confidentiality and care.


We offer a diverse range of social media marketing tools and platforms, ensuring your book reaches a wide and varied audience.


Working hand-in-hand with authors, we prepare campaigns that reflect your vision and feedback, ensuring a marketing effort that truly represents your book.


Witness your book's social media presence transform into a vibrant and engaging community, attracting and delighting readers worldwide.


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Expert Writers

Quality Checks

Keyword Research


Engaging Content

Customer Care Manager

Grammar Proofreading

Unlimited Revisions

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Hire Expert Social Media Marketer Now

Hire an expert social media marketer now and watch your book’s online presence flourish. Our team specializes in developing unique and engaging content strategies as per your book’s theme and intended target audience. We excel in amplifying your book’s voice across various social media platforms, ensuring it connects with the right readers. Our approach involves innovative techniques to boost your book’s visibility and reader engagement.

With personalized campaigns and a keen understanding of current social media trends, we help create a strong, resonant online presence for your book. Choose our expert services for a social media strategy that not only attracts but also captivates and retains the interest of your audience. Let us transform your book’s journey into a successful social media story.

Got Queries About Our Social Media Marketing Service?

Got queries about our Social Media Marketing Service? We specialize in creating dynamic, engaging online campaigns for your book. Our service includes devising a tailored strategy that resonates with your book’s theme and target audience. We focus on maximizing your book’s online exposure and interaction on various social media platforms. Our team stays updated with the latest trends to keep your content fresh and relevant.

We believe in a data-driven approach, constantly analyzing and adjusting strategies for optimal results. Our goal is to build a strong, engaging online community around your book, increasing visibility and driving reader interest. With our expertise, your book will not only reach but also captivate and grow its audience on social media. Let us help make your book a social media sensation.

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Looking for a Book SMM expert? Content Unicorn is your perfect partner! We specialize in executing dynamic social media marketing campaigns that connect your book with its ideal audience. Our team is skilled in harnessing the power of social media platforms to amplify your book’s online presence, ensuring it gets the attention it deserves. From engaging posts to creative strategies, we focus on increasing your book’s visibility and sparking reader interest.

Our approach is innovative and responsive, keeping your book’s social media presence vibrant and effective. With Content Unicorn, your book will not just be another title online; it will be a conversation starter among readers. Let us transform your book’s journey into a thriving social media success.


We cover all major platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, ensuring your book reaches a diverse audience.

We analyze your book’s genre, target audience, and personal goals to create a strategy that best fits your book’s needs.

Absolutely! We can provide examples of our past campaigns to showcase our work and give you an idea of what to expect.

Success is measured through engagement rates, follower growth, and ultimately, the increase in book sales and reader interest.

Yes, we encourage author involvement to ensure the content truly reflects your book’s voice and message.

The frequency of posts is tailored to your campaign’s needs and can be adjusted based on performance and engagement.